Analyze your website funnel in real time

Stop waiting hours or even days until your traditional website analytics software processes and provides you with key insights and analytics. Track your funnel in real time with Real Time Funnel Analytics.
No credit card required
Get started in less than 5 minutes
Install the tracking code
Install few lines of javascript code in your website in order to start tracking your website visitors proceeding through your website funnel.
Set up your funnel and get insights
Define your funnel steps: you can choose to target specific page urls or use custom javascript events. Once you have set up the funnel, data will start to be collected immediately.
Up to 2'000 funnel step hits per month
Up to 5 funnels
9.99 EUR / month
Up to 50'000 funnel step hits per month
Up to 50 funnels
Cancel any time
27.99 EUR / month
Up to 1'000'000 funnel step hits per month
Premium support
Unlimited amount of funnels
Cancel any time